What is the average yield of an autoflowering plant? (2023)

What is a good yield for an autoflower?

Regular autoflowering plants are small, producingbetween 10 and 50 grams per plant. You can't expect a strain with a fast, short flowering time to produce more than 30 grams, but superautoflowerers can produce 200-300 grams if you give it the perfect environment.

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How much does medium dry autoflowering yield?

Typical autoflowering plants yield an average of20 to 60 grams per plant. This is calculated based on the final dry bud content. However, there are many exceptions, especially if you have a large, healthy plant growing outdoors. High yielding autoflowers can produce up to 160 grams per plant.

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What is the highest autoflower yield ever?

What is the highest yielding automatic flower?Gorilla Cookiesis one of the highest yielding autoflowering varieties, with up to 600 g/m2. Plus, these are also one of the best auto seeds when it comes to potency, with up to 27% THC and a strong “gorilla punch”.

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What is the growth rate of Autoflower?

Autoflowering strains typically move from seed to harvest in8–10 weeks. However, some varieties can take up to 12 weeks to fully mature.

What is the most potent autoflowering in 2023?

What is the strongest autoflowering in the world?GG4 is probably the strongest automatic flower in the world, with extreme THC levels of up to 26%. This easy-to-grow strain offers multiple harvests in one season. It will leave you feeling euphoric and uplifted, requiring 10-14 weeks from sowing to harvest.

How big can autoflowering buds get?

How big can an automatic flower grow and what is the average size? Most reach an average autoflowering height of about50-100cm. The final autoflowering size depends on genetics and the growing conditions you provide.

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What is the minimum yield of autoflowering plants?

The inherent productivity of each strain also differs slightly. Considering that powerful anomalies such as Watermelon Automatic will produce up to 500g/m², you can expect an average automatic flower yield from most of our automatic strains within theRange of 350–400g/m² not indoors and 100–150g/plant not outdoors.

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How do I increase Autoflower yield?

Use aerated growing mediafor Autoflowering Yield

Aerated growing media, such as coir fiber, provide better aeration and drainage, ensuring your plants' roots receive adequate oxygen. Therefore, development is faster and yields are higher.

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How many weeks for automatic harvest?

In general, autoflowering takes about8-14 weeksfrom seed to harvest. This is much faster than “photo periodized” strains. This is also the reason why many farmers choose to grow autoflowering varieties.

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What is the average yield of an outdoor automatic flower?

If you have access to these conditions, you can expect a rewarding outdoor autoflowering yield of around150–175g/plant; genetics and climate will affect these numbers. However, if you have to make do with a shady spot with much less sunlight, lower your expectations to around 50–100g/plant.


Which Autoflower Has the Shortest Harvest Time?

Sweet Gelato Auto is one of the fastest growing autoflowering strains on the market. It's ready for harvest7 or 8 weeksafter its germination indoors.

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How much less potent are Autoflowering plants?

Some growers mistakenly feel that autoflowering seeds produce less potent weeds than plants grown from feminized seeds.. That may have been true in the early days of automatic seeds, but not anymore. Autoflowering cannabis seeds produce buds with the same levels of quality as photoperiod feminized seeds.

What is the average yield of an autoflowering plant? (2023)
What is the shelf life of an Autoflower?

One of the most attractive features of autoflowering varieties is that they have a short shelf life. From themthe growing season lasts two to four weeks, while most take eight to ten weeks to grow from seed to harvest, while others take just seven and the longest take 13 weeks.

How long does the average Autoflower take?

Unlike other cannabis strains, autoflowering ones don't need a specific light cycle to flower. This makes them considered easy to grow. The average indoor-grown cannabis plant is harvested in 3-5 months, while autoflowering plants are ready in7-10 weeks.

What is the average Autoflower life cycle?

Many growers will sow their auto seeds directly into the soil or into the final container. Autos can handle a transplant. However, with a lifecycle of only75-90 dias, many growers are unwilling to take risks and risk a transplant shock.

Which strain gives the highest yield?

What is the highest yielding marijuana strain?Skywalker Eit is the highest yielding marijuana strain, and when grown outdoors, growers can harvest up to 650 grams per plant.

What is the Best Autoflowering Schedule?


And since autoflowering plants have short vegetative phases and generally grow shorter than photoperiod varieties, you'll typically want to give your automobiles at least 18 hours of light. This allows for robust growth without excessive energy costs.

Should you fan-trim leaves on the Autoflower?

Fan leaves that are growing into the plant should be removed.. The bud locations that are further down the plant can be removed so that the plant can focus on the bud locations closer to the top. Dead or dying leaves should be pruned.

How many times can you outgrow an automatic flower?

You can cover the plantonce, or repeatedly, and leave as much time as you like for the plant to recover and grow. Plants grown from autoflower seeds can be cut, but the high stress training technique will cost your autoflower several days to recover from the process.

What makes autoflowering buds bigger?

Thanks to their ruderalis genetics, the autoflowers do not require a change in the light cycle to initiate flowering. Therefore, to maximize growth during its short life cycle, it is recommendedkeep them under a 6/18 light schedule from molting to harvest.

Is 20 hours of light a lot for an autoflowering plant?

Autoflowering Light Schedule FAQs

For best results and maximized power it is recommended to grow automobiles under good quality modern LED lights withabout 20 hours of daily light.

How many Autoflowers can you fit in a 4x4 tent?

Most growers will choose to grow8-12plants in a 4×4 tent.

Why aren't my autoflowering buds growing?

Cannabis plants need water and nutrients to grow and develop large, healthy flowers.Drought, overwatering and over/underfeedingcan affect your plant's ability to develop large, dense, heavy flowers.

Do Autoflowering Plants Need More Nutrients?

There are specific nutritional products on the market for autoflowering plants, butthey are not absolutely necessary for successful growth. Soil or hydroponics liquid nutrients will work for autoflowers the same as for photoperiod plants. The only difference is in the amounts we give to the plants.

Should You Lollipop Autoflowers?

Lollipop autoflowers are viable, but a more common training technique used with photoperiod plants, simply because they are larger and produce more foliage. The cannabis lollipop technique involves plucking the lower branches of a weed plant.

How Do I Maximize My Autoflower's Yield?

  1. Prepare in advance. Autoflowering plants don't give you a lot of time, so planning ahead is key. ...
  2. Don't take the risk of transplanting. ...
  3. Choose containers that drain well. ...
  4. Reduce the strength of nutrients. ...
  5. Keep an eye on the pH. ...
  6. Light cycle. ...
  7. Use proper training techniques.
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How much does a 4x4 automatic flower yield?

The yield of a 4×4 grow tent is about1.5-2 poundsgrowing about three plants.

How far apart should the LED lights be from the Autoflowering?

For established plants, they are already where they need to be to thrive. During the flowering stage, LED Grow lights should be locatedbetween 16-36 inches from the plant canopy. Moving the grow light closer will increase the light intensity, which can maximize photosynthesis.

Do automobiles need a dark period?

An 18-6 light cycle means 18 hours of light with 6 hours of dark. Many experienced growers claim that giving their cars at least 18 hours of light is essential.

What is the shelf life of an autoflowering plant?

One of the most attractive features of autoflowering varieties is that they have a short shelf life. From themthe growing season lasts two to four weeks, while most take eight to ten weeks to grow from seed to harvest, while others take just seven and the longest take 13 weeks.


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